NAGFORM is a rule based software program for automatic and manual design of forming sequence for formed parts. The sequence designs created in NAGFORM can be tested effortlessly in NAGSIM.2D/3D FEA simulation software. NAGFORM can be used to:
___• Obtain alternative sequence designs in a few minutes
___• Create reusable sequence-design templates
___• Automate sequence design of similar parts.
___• Create 'Generic' tooling around a sequence
___• Create DXF, STEP & SolidWorks output of sequence designs
___• Reduce number of forming operations
___• Obtain estimated loads, pressures and deformation
___• Select machines for a sequence from a machine database
___• Automatically get dimensions, volumes and surface area of the parts
___• Create NAGSIM.2D analysis file for simulation

Automatic Design of Forming Progression in Seconds - NAGFORM utilizes a combination of design logic, knowledge-based rules and simplified analyses to determine a forming progression automatically.


Progression Design Concepts - Because the program looks for all possible designs and applies its logic without fial, NAGFORM can come up with design concepts that even experienced designers may overlook.

Design by Command - 'Design by Command' allows the user to create their own design progression interactively in a few minutes. The interactive session, consisting of questions by the program to determine the design intent and the responses by the user, is saved in a session file. This session file can be used as a template to create progression design for similar parts or family of parts in minutes.


Built a Historic 'Part & Template Design' Database - In NAGFORM, any part and its prrogression design can be stored as a 'Design Template'. Thus over time, a company can built a database of parts and their successful designs.

Design of Tool Components and Assemblies - The designer can manually create tooling components and assemblies using templates and modeling capabilities of NAGFORM. Any component or assembly can be stored as a template for later use.

Automatic Creation of 'Default' Tooling - For most of the sequence designs obtained through NAGFORM logic, 'Generic' tooling can be created automatically.


Automatic Creation of Analysis File for Simulation in NAGSIM.2D - The forming sequence and the 'Generic' tooling is used to create an analysis file automatically with touch of a button, for simulation in NAGSIM.2D FEA program. This saves hours of human effort to perform FEA simulation.

NAGFORM - SolidWorks Interface - All Parts, Designs, Default Tooling and Tooling Components can be automatically exported into a SolidWorks part drawing. Click on link for more detail.

Additional Modules
___ Smart Database

___Program Brochure
___ NAGFORM SolidWorks Toolbar
___ FASTCO Industry- Case Study

Available Templates- Parts & Designs