NAGSIM.3D - Version 1.5

NAGSIM.3D- is a general purpose finite element analysis (FEA) software program for the computer simulation of three dimensional metal forming processes. NAGSIM.3D can simulate large plastic deformation of the part. Its powerful solver uses a modified tetra element that allows automatic meshing of complex parts.


Eliminate Trial & Error in Forming. NAGSIM.3D can be used to:
--- - Predict metal flow
--- - Predict non-fill conditions
--- - Predict defects and high stress / strain areas
--- - Optimize the preform shape
--- - Determine mechanical properties of the formed part
--- - Determine influence of lubricants
--- - Improve tool life

NAGSIM.3D's graphical user interface is tailored for simulating metal forming operations. It is very user-friendly and intuitive to use. NAGSIM.3D provides a complete insight into the forming process. The results include: Material flow, stress distribution, strain distribution, formation of laps, force distribution and contact between the part and the tools. Animation presents a clear visual of the forming operation.

Integration with NAGSIM.2D – NAGSIM.3D has the capability to bring in results of NAGSIM.2D simulation for the previous operation including strains. The program converts the 2D results into 3D by revolving the 2D section about the Z-Axis. This feature is extremely beneficial for Users that form parts in multiple operations. The initial 2D operations can be analyzed in NAGSIM.2D and the final operations involving 3D geometry are simulated in NAGSIM.3D program.

Preprocessor – NAGSIM.3D provides a simple method of importing geometry of the tools and the initial blank drawings into the program.

Advantages over Competitors – NAGSIM.3D is an efficient and cost effective FEA software product. Following are some features that set us above our competitors:
--- - Cost Effective Product
--- - User Friendly
--- - Predefined templates for ease in set up of a simulation process.
--- - Easy transition from NAGSIM.2D to NAGSIM.3D

NAGSIM.3D Version 1.3 - Following New Features have been added to NAGSIM.3D in Version 1.3:

--- 1. Elastic Stress Analysis of the Tools.
--- 2. Thermal Analysis of Cold, Warm and Hot Forging Processes.
--- 3. Time Dependent Motion Boundary Conditions.
--- 4. Volume Mesher for Non Uniform Mesh - based on Delaunay Incremental Method
--- 5. Import Deforming Part Model in STL Format.

Following are some of the Improvements made in this version:

--- 6. Improvement in Existing Volume Mesher - based on Advancing Front Method.
--- 7. Simulation Time Improvement.
--- 8. Improvements in Display of ‘Results.’
--- 9. Floating Menu for ease in performing certain tasks.


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Figure: Heading Operation to form a Hex


Figure: Distribution of Effective Strain (60 Degrees Sector of the part)


Figure: Distribution of Effective Stess (60 Degrees Sector of the part)