NAGSIM.2D allows the user to model the part forming operation in a computer before running it in the machine. NAGSIM.2D provides information to:

  • Reduce die trials and costly mistakes
  • Improve tool life
  • Predict defects
  • Optimize preform shape
  • Reduce scrap
  • Determine mechanical properties of formed part
  • Determine influence of lubricants
  • Shorten print-to-part time

NAGSIM.2D is a finite element software program for the computer simulation of two-dimensional metal forming processes. It can simulate large plastic deformation of the part as well as the elastic deformation of the tools. It complements 'NAGFORM', a knowledge-based program to create alternative forming sequences to form a part.
NAGSIM.2D and NAGFORM together present a breakthrough in the development and optimization of forming sequence for a part.

A Complete and Easy-to-Use Solution
NAGSIM.2D provides a complete and easy-to-use solution from creating a model of the forming operation to post-processing of simulation results. NAGSIM.2D's graphical user interface is tailored specially for simulating metal forming operations. It is extremely user-friendly and intuitive to use.

Efficient and Robust Solver
NAGSIM.2D uses an incremental finite element analysis solver that is specially suited to metal forming operations with large plastic deformation. Two types of problems can be analyzed:
_____1) Plane Strain - representing deformation of long parts
_____2) Axisymmetric - representing deformation of round parts

Automatic Meshing and Remeshing
NAGSIM.2D incorporates an automatic element mesher. After the deformation process starts, the program automatically remeshes the part if the old mesh gets excessively distorted or if it is desired to mesh certain areas with finer mesh.

Cold, Warm Forging and Isothermal Hot forging
NAGSIM.2D does not include any thermal analysis. For Hot Forging Applications, please refer to NAGSIMGEN.2D or NAGSIM.3D
. NAGSIM.2D can be applied to cold forming at ambient temperatures where metal's flow stress is primarily strain dependent. NAGSIM.2D can also be used to analyze warm forging and hot forging provided the process is considered to occur under isothermal conditions and temperature change can be neglected.

Results and Information
NAGSIM.2D provides a complete insight into the forming process. The results include: Material flow, stress distribution, strain distribution, formation of laps, force distribution, tool stresses and contact between the part and the tools. Animation presents a clear visual of the forming operation.

Link with NAGFORM
NAGFORM and NAGSIM.2D work together to provide the shortest route to develop forming processes. Sequence designs created in NAGFORM can be transferred effortlessly to NAGSIM.2D. NAGFORM creates 'Generic' tooling for a sequence and uses it to prepare an analysis file automatically. This analysis file is used by NAGSIM.2D to preform metal flow simulation.

NAGSIM.2D - Simulations

1. Cold Forging of a Panhead Screw - 2 Operations

_____Operation 1 _______Operation 2

2. Hot Isothermal Forging of a Wheel - 2 Operations

_____Operation 1_________Operation 2

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