NAGSIM_Gen.2D is a powerful, general- purpose nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) software program that quickly and accurately simulates two dimensional engineering applications and hot, warm or cold metal forming processes. It can simulate large plastic deformation of the part as well as elastic deformation of the tools.

NAGSIM_Gen.2D is advanced and general-purpose extension of NAGFORM.2D program for simulation of cold forging processes, with additional capabilities of

  • Temperature analysis during deformation.
  • Deformation analysis of compressible materials.
  • Choice of element types for deforming part.

Eliminate Trial & Error in Forming

NAGSIM_Gen.2D allows you to model the part forming in a computer before running it in the machine. NAGSIM_Gen.2D provides accurate information to:

  • Reduce die trials and costly mistakes.
  • Improve tool life.
  • Predict under fill, laps and cracks.
  • Optimize preform shape.
  • Predict temperature and density distribution.
  • Determine mechanical properties of formed part.
  • Determine influence of lubricants.
  • Shorten print-to-part time
  • Improve part quality

It complements 'NAGFORM' and 'NagForge', knowledge-based programs to create alternative forming sequences to form parts by cold, warm or hot forging processes.

A Complete and Easy-to-Use Solution
NAGSIM_Gen.2D provides a complete and easy-to-use solution from creating a model of the forming operation to post-processing of simulation results. NAGSIM_Gen.2D's graphical user interface is tailored specially for simulating metal forming operations. Templates for common forming operations are provided to reduce the effort required to create the analysis file. NAGSIM_Gen.2D has its own basic CAD module to create geometry of the workpiece and the tools. The part geometry can also be imported in DXF format from other CAD systems such as AutoCad, SolidEdge, SolidWorks etc. Geometry can be stored in 'Part Library' for reuse.

Efficient and Robust Solver
NAGSIM_Gen.2D uses an incremental finite element analysis solver, based on thermo-visco plastic formulation, that is specially suited to metal forming operations with large plastic deformation. Two types of problems can be analyzed:

  • Plane Strain deformation: Section of long parts.
  • Axisymmetric deformation of round parts.

Material Database
NAGSIM_Gen.2D has a database of materials commonly used in cold, warm and hot forging. New materials can be easily created and stored in database. The flow properties of the material are defined dependent upon strain, strain rate and temperature. A subprogram is provided to analyze compression test data for flow stress formulation.

Automatic Meshing and Remeshing
NAGSIM_Gen.2D incorporates an automatic element mesher. After the deformation process starts, the program automatically remeshes the part when the old mesh gets excessively distorted or it is desired to mesh certain areas with finer mesh. Different remeshing schemes are available.

Elastic Analysis of Tools
Elastic stress analysis of tools is performed for the whole deformation cycle, providing a complete picture of tool stresses during forming.

Cold, Warm Forging and Hot forging
NAGSIM_Gen.2D can simulate cold forming as well as warm and hot forging with different temperatures of the part and the tools. Its formulation includes dependence of the flow stress of the material on temperature, strain and strain rate. Speed characteristics of forging machines such as presses can be included in the analysis. The movies below show (a) how the temperature rises in a cylinder and the flat dies during cold upsetting and (b) temperature distribution during hot forging of a side gear.

Flash Movie: Temperatures Distribution in Upsetting of a Cylinder

Flash Movie: Temp. Distribution in Hot Forging of a Side Gear

Forging of Compressible Materials
NAGSIM_Gen.2D can analyze material models of incompressible metal plasticity at room and elevated temperartures, and compressible plasticity at ambient temperatures. For compressible materials, changes in density due to forming is simulated. Movies below show how the density changes (a) when a cylinder made from porous material ( 0.80 density) is upset between flat dies and (b) a porous part is forged in contoured dies.

Flash Movie: Density Distribution in Upsetting of a Cylinder

Flash Movie: Density Distribution in Forging

Element Types for Deforming Part
Linear QUAD element is used throughout NAGSIM_Gen.2D. For cold forging, Triangular 'Mini' element based on U-P formulation can be selected in place of QUAD element for the part.

Results and Information
NAGSIM_Gen.2D provides a complete insight into the forming process. The results include: Material flow, stress distribution, strain distribution, temperature distribution, density distribution, formation of laps, load-displacement, tool stresses and contact between the part and the tools. Animation of results presents a clear visual of the forming operation. Tensile damage, Grain Flow and Tracing deformation path of a point are included in the results.

Batch Processing of Multiple Jobs
NAGSIM_Gen.2D can batch process simulation jobs one after the other. Also automatic simulation of entire forming sequence (multiple operations) can be set up.