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Case Histories - FASTCO

(Courtsey of FASTCO Industries, Inc.Grand Rapids, MI)

Quality Issue:

  • Qualty department at FASTCO loves NAGSIM.2D because it is able to show customers how the part will be formed. The metal flow is predicted so accurately that the quality staff is able to discuss forming issues among themselves and their customers even before manufacturing any part or build any tool. An example is the part shown on right. Simulation of the forming operations showed that there would be a slight underfill in the middle of part shoulder. FASTCO relayed this concern to its customer before building the tooling. Because the customer did not feel that the underfill was of any consequence, the part was manufactured according to the designed sequence. The final part, as shown in picture, shows the undefill predicted by the simulation. As the manufacturing concern was already addressed, FASTCO saved several hours and pounds of scrap.


Tool Life :

  • On the part shown on right, FASTCO was experiencing premature failure of the extrude pin of a rectangular section. To analyze the forming operation, FASTCO simulated the process in NAGSIM.2D assuming plane strain conditions. Through simulation, FASTCO was able to know what was happening as well as why it was happening. The pin was then redesigned to allow the part to be extruded without any resistance from the pin. This particular design change was simulated in order to verify the intent. As a result of this design change, pin life increased from 2000 to 45000 pieces per pin