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Case Histories - FASTCO

(Courtsey of FASTCO Industries, Inc.Grand Rapids, MI)

Quality Issue:

  • The part shown on right had no problems in manufacturing, but was breaking off during the assembly process. FASTCO simulated the manufacturing process to see if any changes could be made to alleviate the breakage problem. The simulation showed large strains at the section where the part was breaking in the assembly. FASTCO simulated a number of design options and found one that reduced the critical strain without the added tooling cost. Parts were formed according to the redesigned forming operations. The customer has not reported any part cracking after the design changes made on the basis of simulation. Costly trial and error development on the machine was avoided through NAGSIM.2D simulation.


Resolving Manufacturing Problems:

  • Picture on right shows a cup type part that was cracking on the outside free surface during the final forming operation. The forming sequence for this part was simulated using NAGSIM.2D. The results showed large strains in the part at and near the free surface of the part. FASTCO investigated a number of forming design changes. One change showed much less strains in the cup at and near the free surface. Tooling changes were made and the part was manufactured with the redesigned tooling resulting in greatly reducing the defect.